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Pici Bolognami

Pici Bolognami
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Pici Bolognami® are made with water, durum wheat semolina and salt. Typical pasta of the culinary tradition of Tuscany originating from the Val di Chiana, Picio is usually made fresh, as per the peasant culture. The name Pici, would have been born from the gesture made with the palm of the hand, at the moment in which the shape of this pasta shape is given, in the Tuscan dialect it is called "Appicciare". They can be seasoned with various types of sauce, they are typical prepared with Cacio di Pienza and Pepe, Sugo all'Aglione della Val di Chiana, or there are Pici alle Briciole, typical of Montepulciano, and in many other ways. All this to offer a superior quality product, rich in flavors and aromas

Product Info Sheet
Cooking Time Al Dente 22 Min
Manufacturing Made in Tuscany, Italy
Conservation Store in a cool and dry place
Packaging Food Bag
Pairing Advice
Pairing Perfect with Aglione della Valdichiana sauce, excellent with meat sauce
Product Ingredients
Ingredients Durum Wheat Semolina, Water, Salt
Average Nutritional Values for 100g
Energy 351Kcal - 1490KJ
Fats - Fatty Acids 1,2g - 0,2g
Carbohydrates - Sugars 72g - 4g
Fibers 3g
Proteins 12g
Salt 0.06g

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