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Our Mission

We as member of our Bolognami farm, we have an ethics code, that is not only a mission, but also a life’s motive. Respecting the nature is the foundation for each of our products. We have decided to serve on yours tables the best of the Italian food products from the Tuscan and the Umbrian Region, that is the area where our farm comes from. Organics, IGP, DOP, DOCG products of the highest artisanal level with a limited production in order to preserve a great quality. All this carefully reminds the teachings of our grandfathers, for whom all the gifts coming from the ground were precious and were to be achieved without stressing the nature. From our grandmothers, we have learnt the Tuscans and Umbrians farmers’ wives cooking art. First of all, to prepare good victuals were necessary good products, that were cultivated and picked in their right season and so necessarily “zero miles” ones in the garden close to the house. Everything that was not consumed at that moment, was carefully stored creating the famous art of the pasteurization, obtained boiling the jars in the pot on the fireplace. The pork, prepared every year between the end of January and the beginning of February, was in our families an occasion for great celebrations and the cured meats so obtained, were wisely aged, because were an important part of the board of the family for the most of the year. The marvelous sauces made with the Chianina meat, the Cinta Senese meat, with the pig raised in the open which ate mainly on acorns, with the goose cooked in the crocked pot, with the Aglione just picked and tomatoes taken just before in the field. Pasta and bread were mainly produced with soft wheat flours of exclusively Italian varieties, that were almost disappeared because of the rapid increase of the intensive production and of the import. These flours, reevaluated today, are obtained with these ancient wheats and often they do not cause any gluten intolerance and they are extremely healthy. Olive oil was a precious resource, as it is also today, produced only with green olives, that were picked by hand in the right maturation moment and then milled as fast as possible, coldly extracting with millstones and then centrifuging to eliminate the water in excess, but without filtering it to keep intact the monounsaturated fats, that is full of and that are for us very healthy. The grapes gathered by hand in its perfect maturation moment, brought to the cellar, where were grinded with stalks and then boiled together with them. The vintner chose the best grapes to dry out and once he decided the right moment to use them for the keeping. The wine left to stand and to clean out with several pouring for at least one year, but without all the filtering and pasteurization that are necessary today. That is all about our mission, to preserve intact the nature of our territory and our traditions, so that our ground can still offer us all the magnificent products, which made its gastronomical and enological history admired all over the world and also envied and so for this reason very often mystified. Since I belong to this border area between Umbria and Tuscany, I was lucky to have grandmothers from Siena and grandmothers from Perugia, who have bequeathed me the cuisine recipes heritage, that refers indiscriminately to the two regions and expresses the best of both. I put into practice their teachings adopting only natural products, without preservatives, where possible organics, zero miles, certified, only from Umbria and Tuscany, picked and worked in the moment, when the ground grants it. I believe to have achieved a good result and however, the good eating culture leads me to an endless research in order to offer you the best of food and wine from Perugia, Siena and Arezzo.