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Our farm Bolognami is composed of 120 arable hectares and it is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the Central Italy among Valdichiana, Chiusi Lake, Montepulciano Lake and Trasimeno Lake. In fact, a part of the property is located in the Perugia district, in the Castiglione del Lago municipality and another part in the Siena district, between the Montepulciano and Chiusi municipalities. The part situated above the sweet little hills, which overlook and wear away towards the Chiusi Lake, is inside the Italian WWF Natural Oasis in a territory that has been uncontaminated and intact for centuries in a condition of peace and tranquility, that relaxes the mind and the spirit. Before being in Tuscany and Umbria, we have been for millenniums in Etruria as part of the Etruscan city Clesvins and of the ancient Rome city Clusium (later named Chiusi). Adorned with the legend of the Etruscan “lucumone” Porsenna (can be considered as a King), it is narrated, that he was buried with his golden carriage towed by twelve golden horses and a mother hen with five thousand golden chicks kept vigil at him, either in the labyrinth under the city or inside our lake. The part of our farm located in the Castiglione del Lago municipality is surrounded by a luxuriant and intact nature and it also has millennial historical hints, in fact on our property were discovered ruins of a Roman Villa referring to an age between the II century B.C. and the III century A.C. proving that the ancients knew how to choose beautiful locations before us. On this side of the farm, on an arid and sunny little hill, that looks from a distance the Lake, we have a century – old olive grove, composed of about 250 plants with the varieties necessary to obtain our precious Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO) D.O.P. Umbria. Castiglione del Lago was also first Etruscan and the Roman, it overlooks with its beautiful promontory towards the Trasimeno Lake, one of the pearls of Central Italy with its well-preserved castle, that was for centuries a feud of the Baglioni Family from Perugia and then left to Ascanio della Cornia, who became the marquess and exactly in that age between the 1500 and the 1600, Castiglione del Lago was having its most splendor. The other part of the farm is located in the Montepulciano municipality, in the heart of the Sienese Valdichiana divided between the low little hill and the plain, a suitable area for the plantation of the grapevines to obtain the well-known Noble Wine of Montepulciano, a precious nectar produced for four centuries with different vine varieties, that define its unique aroma and flavor. The Valdichiana is the undisputed mother of the bovine race, for this reason denominated Chianina, the white giant acknowledged all over the world as one of the best existing bovine meats with a rare delicacy for any culinary use. Montepulciano is not only the native land of the good wine, but also the territory where was invented the “Aglione della Valdichiana” used for the famous sauce created by our farmers’ wives 200 years ago. Considering our location in the Siena district, we cannot forget the famous and centuries old pork race “Cinta Senese”, that for a period was forgotten, but then it has been reevaluated in the latest decades for its meats particularly juicy, suitable for long aging cured meats providing with flavor and aromas that are comprehensible only after having tasted them. Montepulciano is not only an area prone to the highest regard food and wine, but surely it is also one of the most beautiful historical village in Tuscany, located on a high hill between Valdichiana and Val d’Orcia, always clearly with Etruscan origins. Between the late Middle Age and the Renaissance, the rich village was computed by the Siena Republic, protected during several wars, and Florence, that exactly in that age had its great economical, urban and cultural development, that made the city unique. Considering the territory where we are, that is unique for history, culture, nature and for this reason able to create intrinsic virtues among our People in order to protect and enhance it and so making available many of the Italian food and wine excellences, that we are proposing you through our online shop sharing these magnificences with all the people around the world willing to admire them.