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05 Aug Cold Pasta with Pecorino Tomato and Basil
bolognami 0 129
Cold Pasta with Pecorino Tomato and Basil Cold Pasta with Pecorino Tomato and Basil is a real goodness of Italian cuisine made in simple but excellent things, during the summer season it is suitable for all occasions, easy to prepare for everyone, you only need quality ingredients that are easily fo..
01 Aug Beans with Pork Rinds
bolognami 0 128
Beans with Pork Rinds Beans with pork rinds are a typical dish of Central Italy, the origin of the recipe is practically unknown, Umbria and Lazio have always been contending for its paternity. However, the important thing is that they have been created, for me they are a great specialty, it's one o..
20 Jul Goose in Earthenware Pot and Pci with Goose Sauce
bolognami 0 197
Goose in Earthenware Pot and Pci with Goose Sauce The Recipe for Goose in an Earthenware Pot and Pici with Goose Sauce is very ancient, this variation of Bolognami comes from the Nannotti family, which is the family of my Husband's Mother, handed down for written and remembered for more than 200 yea..
26 Jun Tagliatelle alla Spoletina
bolognami 0 177
Tagliatelle alla Spoletina Tagliatelle alla Spoletina are a classic of the Traditional Umbrian Cuisine of the area between Foligno and Spoleto, there are many variations of this recipe, we of Bolognami offer you, below, the one that we believe respects tradition more, keeping unchanged the flavors o..
23 Jun Beans with Tuna and Onion
bolognami 0 156
Beans with Tuna and Onion Recipes of Beans with Tuna and Onion there are an infinite number of variations, the one from Bolognami, which I propose here comes from my Husband's great grandmother, made by the Tuscan peasants of the Sienese Valdichiana the night before to take it to the fields the next..
23 Jun Parmigiana di Gobbi alla Perugina
bolognami 0 133
Parmigiana di Gobbi alla Perugina Gobbi's Parmigiana (The Gobbi are the Cardi, the name is in Umbrian dialect, as they have been defined for centuries) is one of the most typical recipes of our Umbria. Usually it was prepared only for Christmas, today it is prepared throughout the season where thist..
22 Jun Pici all'Etrusca
bolognami 0 173
Pici all'Etrusca I Pici, this exceptional traditional Tuscan pasta, which in the modern era is to be considered native to the Sienese and Arezzo Valdichiana, but in ancient times traces of it can be found in a painting of an Etruscan tomb called dei Leopardi in Tarquinia (attributable to the 5th cen..
20 Jun Lesso di Chianina Meatballs
bolognami 0 148
Lesso di Chianina Meatballs Lesso di Chianina Meatballs are the typical Tuscan recipe from the Valdichiana made with recycled ingredients. But not for this second-rate, indeed it is a specialty of which I am very greedy. It is the result of what is left over from another exceptional recipe, the Tagl..
30 May Aglione della Valdichiana 2023 is Ready
bolognami 0 288
Aglione della Valdichiana 2023 is Ready We did it again for this 2023, we are collecting that great wonder of nature which is L'Aglione della Valdichiana. Unfortunately I can't let you smell the stupendous scent that it emanates as soon as it is removed from the earth, it immediately makes me think ..
02 May Tuscan Panzanella
bolognami 1 267
Tuscan Panzanella Panzanella is a simple summer dish of the Tuscan peasant tradition, which does not require cooking, it could also be eaten in the fields by those who were forced to stay away from home for an entire day for agricultural work. It goes well as an appetizer, for lunch, for dinner, as ..
02 May Tuscan Sausage Croutons
bolognami 0 193
Tuscan Sausage Croutons Tuscan Sausage Croutons are an ancient traditional recipe of regional cuisine, perfect for a rustic appetizer, for an aperitif, or for any occasion you like, tasty and easy to prepare in a short time and very very easily Tuscan Sausage Croutons Easy and Tasty These Tuscan Sa..
25 Apr Strangozzi with Asparagus
bolognami 0 245
Strangozzi with Asparagus Starngozzi with Asparagus are part of those ancient recipes of the wonderful poor cuisine of our Umbria. Probably born to be able to use, by our farmers, the wild asparagus, still collected by us in the period from April to May, which give the dish a more decisive taste, bu..
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