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The Bolognami cheeses are a selection of the best production from Umbria an..
Fresh White Truffle Bolognami 20 Gr a 50 Gr
New Finished
Fresh White Truffle Bolognami (Tuber Magnatum Pico), with mixed sizes from about 20 g to 50 g. The rarest, most prized and most sought-after truffle c..
560.00 € Ex Tax: 533.33 €
Bolognami 5% Truffle Sauce, is an artisan specialty of Umbria, made with traditional methods, following ancient procedures from peasant memories. With..
7.20 € Ex Tax: 6.55 €
Fresh Spicy Sausage Bolognami
The Fresh Spicy Sausage Bolognami, is obtained from the perfect conbination of cuts of shoulder meat and bacon, combined with salt, pepper, garlic and..
9.80 € Ex Tax: 8.91 €
Cicerchie Bolognami, are an ancient legume of the Fabaceae family, recently rediscovered in Europe, but always present in Umbrian cuisine, where it is..
5.00 € Ex Tax: 4.81 €
Bolognami Red Lentil Flour, is obtained by grinding the dried seeds of the Red Lentil, grown in Umbria in a natural way from eco-sustainable agricultu..
4.80 € Ex Tax: 4.36 €
Seasoned Bacon of Cinta Senese D.O.P. Bolognami®, produced with a minimum maturation of one month, externally flavored with salt, pepper, garlic. Arti..
17.00 € Ex Tax: 15.45 €

Latest News

09 Dec Christmas with Taste
bolognami 0 78
Christmas with Taste, at Bolognami Store, we offer Gourmet Gift Sets as a Christmas gift idea for friends and family, to celebrate Christmas with joy while enjoying products of the highest quality. Gourmet Christmas gifts are always much appreciated, our selection of specialities encompass the best ..
20 Nov Black Weeks Bolognami 2022 Coupon Code 15% Discount
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The Black Weeks at Bolognami start today! 15% discount on the Food Catalogue, For you who subscribed to our newsletter this year the Black Friday discounts start earlier! From today until Wednesday 30 November 2022 you can enjoy a discount never seen before on the Bolognami Store website, 15% on the..
12 Nov Umbrian Bruschetta with New Bolognami Olive Oil
bolognami 0 181
INGREDIENTS:Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bolognami L'NovoBolognami Naturally Rising Umbrian BreadGarlicSaltBlack PepperPREPARATION:The Bruschetta or Crostino with New Olive Oil, as it is called in some areas of Umbria close to Tuscany, is a very simple recipe, but like all simple things to be perfect it n..

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