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The Bolognami cheeses are a selection of the best production from Umbria an..
Green Jalapeno Pepper Bolognami, is originally from southern Mexico, it owes its name to the city of Jalapa in the Veracruz region. It is the most pop..
2.60 € Ex Tax: 2.36 €
Loin of Tuscan Brado Pork Bolognami, produced with a minimum maturation of two months, extensively flavored with salt, pepper, wild fennel, garlic. Ar..
22.00 € Ex Tax: 20.00 €
Valdichiana Bianco Vergine Vecchia Cantina 2022
-30 %
Valdichiana Bianco Vergine Vecchia Cantina, is mainly produced with Trebbiano, Malvasia and Grechetto grapes, the vineyards are at approx. 250/300 m a..
7.25 € 5.07 € Ex Tax: 4.16 €
Cadùceo Montemercurio, is the fruit of the land and vineyards that are part of the Montepulciano area, revaluing what used to be types of white grapes..
14.50 € Ex Tax: 11.89 €
Bolognami Red Chianina Ragout, is a classic of the traditional cuisine of the province of Siena and Arezzo, an exclusive product of the Tuscany region..
7.30 € Ex Tax: 6.64 €
Bolognami Ancient Verna Wheat Flour, is obtained by stone grinding at low speed of the variety of soft wheat Verna originating in Tuscany, grown in Va..
3.60 € Ex Tax: 3.46 €