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Vegetarian Caciotta Caseificio Maremma

Vegetarian Caciotta Caseificio Maremma
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Vegetarian Caciotta Caseificio Maremma, made from vegetable rennet, cow's milk and sheep's milk, has a slightly open elastic structure with a sweet taste and milky aroma. It is produced throughout the year by skilful hands that are able to bring out the many nuances of the milk from which it is made. Matured for a minimum of 30 days.

Product Info Sheet
Manufacturing Made in Tuscany, Italy
Conservation Store in a cool, dry place at a temperature of +2°C to +10°C
Packaging Vacuum packed, with refrigerated box
Pairing Advice
Pairing Various possibilities for use, in an appetiser with vegetables, as a filling in a rich savoury pie or in a nice variation of the traditional lasagne. Enjoy it on its own with fresh bread or with a hot crostini with a sprinkling of black pepper and extra virgin olive oil.
Product Ingredients
Ingredients Pasteurised cow's and sheep's milk, salt, microbial rennet (vegetarian), ferments (Non-edible Rind)
Average Nutritional Values for 100g
Energy 1266Kj - 305Kcal
Fats - Fatty Acids 23g - 15,8g
Carbohydrates - Sugars 1,9g - 0,4g
Proteins 22,4g
Salt 0,8g
Preservatives Surface treated with E235

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