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Club del Ghiottone

The Club del Ghiottone includes all registered Gourmet users, by registering an Accunt you already belong by right to this Club. This allows you to take advantage of the Points you accumulate during the purchase of products on Bolognami:

As you can see, in each product there are points that are used to be able to buy it for FREE using the accumulated Points, or using the accumulated points plus a cash addition, there may be products that cannot be purchased using the Points

On average you accumulate 1 Point for every Euro of purchase, this value can change between product and product

The Points are loaded into your Account upon confirmation of your Order, if the order is canceled, for any reason, the relative points will also be removed from your Account

You can check the points accumulated in your Accont by going to YOUR LOYALTY POINTS, not expiring year and you can use them in any purchase

The Points are used after placing the products on the Cart, at the Cashier / Check Out step, by entering the number on POINTS TO USE and clicking SEND, the system will automatically deduct them from the amount to be paid