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Loyalty Points Regulations

The Club del Ghiottone includes all registered Gourmet users, by registering an Accunt you already rightfully belong to this Club. This allows you to take advantage of the Points you accumulate when purchasing products on Bolognami®.

On the sheet of each product it is indicated how many Loyalty Points it is worth. There may be products with which you do not accumulate Points.

On average you accumulate 1 Point for each Euro purchased, this value may change from product to product, it may not be valid for some products.

In the LOYALTY POINTS CATALOG you will find the Products that you can purchase for free or with a small economic addition, the Points can be used only and exclusively for the purchase of those products.

As you can see in each Product of the Catalog are indicated in Points which are used to be able to purchase it for FREE using the accumulated Points, or using the accumulated Points plus an addition of cash, there may be products that cannot be purchased using the Loyalty Points.

The Points are loaded onto your your Account at the time of shipment of your Order, if the order is canceled or the products returned or refunded, for any reason, the relevant points will also be removed from your Account.

You can check the points accumulated within of your Account by going to Your Loyalty Points, Loyalty Points do not expire. However, we recommend using them as soon as possible.

Loyalty Points cannot be used together with other promotional initiatives of any kind, otherwise your Order will be cancelled.

You cannot transfer or combine the Loyalty Points of one or more Accounts or of an Account other than yours, the Points are personal.

The Points are used after placing the products in the Cart, at Checkout/Check Out step, by entering the number on POINTS TO USE and clicking SEND, the system will deduct the Points automatically and will indicate the amount to be paid to purchase that product or products.

This Catalog Loyalty Points and all its promotional initiatives are aimed solely and exclusively at Private Users and not at companies or professional operators.

These Club del Ghiottone Regulations relating to Loyalty Points may be modified from time to time, both in form and content, Azienda Agricola Orietta Bucci, owner of the Bolognami® brand and website, has sole discretion at any time it deems appropriate, without the need for any notice, also in consideration of any regulatory, commercial or marketing changes. The changes will be effective immediately from the date of publication on this page of BOLOGNAMI.COM. This Regulation is governed by Italian law and the Italian language. For any dispute that may arise between Azienda Agricola Orietta Bucci and the consumer and user of this promotional initiative which is not resolved amicably, the competent court will be that of Perugia Italia