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Vivia Le Mortelle 2022

Vivia Le Mortelle 2022
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Vivia Fattoria Le Mortelle, comes from the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, just a few kilometres from Castiglione della Pescaia, in an extraordinary and fascinating position both for the nature and the history of the places that surround it. The soil, of medium texture, sandy and loamy, has a predominantly siliceous-clayey composition and is, in certain areas, rich in skeleton. Here Vermentino and Ansonica, typical vines of the Tuscan coastal area, are blended with Viognier, planted after years of patient experimentation, for an elegant white wine that bears witness to the aromas and colours of the Maremma coast.

Harvesting began in the first week of September with the Viognier, with grapes characterised by floral fragrances, followed by the Vermentino, distinguished by citrus notes, and ended with the Ansonica, with grapes capable of giving the wine savouriness and finesse. On arrival in the cellar, the grapes were softly pressed and vinified separately, so as to enhance the characteristics of each variety. The must thus obtained was brought to a temperature of 10 °C for about 24 hours in order to favour its natural clarification. It was then transferred to stainless steel tanks, where alcoholic fermentation took place at a controlled temperature of 16 °C.

It then matured for a short period in steel in contact with its own yeasts for about 3 months before being bottled in January 2022.

Awards and Recognition
Year 2017 - Wine Spectator - 93 Punti
Year 2017 - Luca Maroni - 90 Punti
Year 2018 - Veronelli - 2 Stelle
Year 2019 - Veronelli - 2 Stelle

Product Info Sheet
Alcohol Content 13% Vol
Denomination Maremma Toscana DOC
Format 0.75 Lt
Grape Variety Vermentino, Viognier e Ansonica
Region Tuscany
Service Temperature 8°-10°C
Tasting Notes In the glass it has a straw-yellow colour with brilliant greenish reflections. The olfactory impact is characterised by delicate aromas of fruit, in particular apple and pineapple, well in harmony with fine floral notes of lime and chamomile; elegant citrus and Mediterranean herb sensations reminiscent of sage complete the bouquet. The palate is vibrant and savoury, with a fresh, persistent finish marked by hints of candied citrus and rosemary.
Pairing Advice
Pairing Due to its freshness, this wine is pleasant to enjoy during an aperitif. It goes well with fish and shellfish meals. Try it with soft fresh cheese.

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