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The food products of our Bolognami company are Italian, of the highest quality, made from small productions that allow a control of their uniqueness and the unaltered maintenance of the traditional methods of the Regions of Umbria and Tuscany. Our mission is to safeguard nature while respecting biodiversity, each of our products allows you to live a taste experience that immerses you in the centuries-old traditions of our territory
Brand: Bolognami
Cream of Cheese and White Truffle Bolognami, is an artisan specialty made in Umbria, with traditional methods, one of the most appreciated preparations by those looking for a high quality product, due to the combination of two ingredients that represent the Italian spirit and excellence in the world..
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Brand: Bolognami
Acacia Bolognami honey, harvested in Tuscany, the best known and most appreciated obtained from Robinia flowers. Characterized by the high content of fructose rather than glucose, which makes it remain liquid and silky for a long time, delaying crystallization. Recognizable for its clarity and straw..
8.25 € Ex Tax: 7.50 €
Brand: Bolognami
Acacia Honey and Bolognami Chili Pepper, an artisanal specialty produced in Tuscany, which comes from the union of delicate acacia honey and the pungent Red Pepper. Amber in color with reddish reflections, it is silky, releasing all its delicious and decisive aromatic power..
4.50 € Ex Tax: 4.09 €
Brand: Bolognami
Acacia Honey with Bolognami Truffle, Umbrian artisan specialty, which comes from the union of delicate acacia honey and the enveloping aroma of Black Summer Truffle. Straw yellow in color, it comes with Truffle flakes mixed with the softness of honey, an encounter that gives life to an explosion of ..
5.80 € Ex Tax: 5.27 €
Brand: La Braccesca
Achelo Tenuta La Braccesca, is produced from Syrah grapes only, which find in the clay loam soil of Cortona a perfect climate for cultivation, tending to be dry and arid. The term Achelo is inspired by the God 'Achelo', depicted in one of the most famous works of the Etruscan Academy of Cortona.Vini..
14.00 € Ex Tax: 11.48 €
Adele Extra Dry Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore Baldi
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Brand: Baldi
Adele Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore Baldi, is an organic wine that comes from vineyards located in the hills of Conegliano, in the province of Treviso, home of the Glera grape and Prosecco di Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG. The vineyards are optimally exposed to the sun and with good ventilation d..
14.80 € Ex Tax: 12.13 €
Adèo Campo alla Sughera 2020
Adèo Bolgheri Rosso di Campo alla Sughera, is a classic Bordeaux blend produced in the splendid inland area of the Tuscan coast. It is made from a blend of grapes originating from Bordeaux, which have found a second home in Bolgheri, where they can express themselves at high levels of quality. The n..
23.00 € Ex Tax: 18.85 €
Ageing Sausage of Cinta Senese D.O.P. Bolognami, produced with a minimum maturation of fifteen days, cured sausage in natural casings Artisan product only from Cinta Senese DOP pigs reared in the Semi Brado State in Italy exclusively in the Sienese territory, fed only in a natural way by integrating..
22.00 € Ex Tax: 20.00 €
Ageing Shoulder of Cinta Senese D.O.P. Bolognami Ageing Shoulder of Cinta Senese D.O.P. Bolognami
Ageing Shoulder of Cinta Senese D.O.P. Bolognami, produced with a minimum maturation of twelve months, it is vigorously massaged with a mixture of pepper, vinegar and garlic, then covered with salt and then treated for surface maturation with pork lard, rice flour and pepper. Artisan product only fr..
190.00 € Ex Tax: 172.73 €
Aglione della Val di Chiana Bolognami Aglione della Val di Chiana Bolognami
Aglione della Val di Chiana Bolognami, is a garlic-like vegetable grown in the Val di Chiana area, between the provinces of Arezzo and Siena. This product has to correspond to very precise characteristics that comply with a Production Regulation drawn up in 2017. Compared to other types of garlic, i..
5.80 € Ex Tax: 5.52 €
Aglione Valdichiana Sauce Bolognami, is a classic of traditional Tuscan cuisine in the province of Siena and Arezzo, an artisan specialty produced with careful and long processing, to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of Aglione della Valdichiana, notorious for its delicacy and high digestib..
5.60 € Ex Tax: 5.09 €
Brand: Bolognami
Ancient Cereal Bread Bolognami, with mother yeast. Bread made with a mixture of Cereals and Seeds, baked with the addition of water and a little salt. The craftsmanship and natural leavening of this bread guarantee its shelf life for several days. It is a very good and tasty bread, flavoursome and r..
5.00 € Ex Tax: 4.81 €
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