Tuscan Sausage Croutons

Tuscan Sausage Croutons are an ancient traditional recipe of regional cuisine, perfect for a rustic appetizer, for an aperitif, or for any occasion you like, tasty and easy to prepare in a short time and very very easily

Tuscan Sausage Croutons Easy and Tasty

These Tuscan Sausage Croutons are rich bruschetta to be prepared strictly using D.O.P. Tuscan Bread, which gives the right consistency. and the Tuscan sausage, which is tastier, are ideal for warming up cold winter evenings, or to be enjoyed in summer with a fresh aperitif, they are a quick and tasty dish

Ingredients for Tuscan Sausage Croutons

For 4 People

4 Fresh Sausage from Tuscan Wild Pork Bolognami

Bolognami Fennel Seeds

Tuscan bread D.O.P. Bologna me

200g of Soft Cheese (type Stracchino)

Fior di Sale from Trapani Bolognami

Preparation of Tuscan Sausage Croutons

Start by removing the skin from the sausages and mashing well with a fork. Add the cheese (preferably Stracchino), a pinch of Bolognami Fennel Seeds, add a pinch of Bolognami Trapani Flower of Sale and continue to mix until you obtain a homogeneous mixture. Slice the Tuscan Bread D.O.P. Bolognami into slices of about 1.5-2 centimeters in height and divide them in half. Spread the mixture, which you have obtained previously, on the bread and bake in the preheated oven at 180°, cooking for about 15 minutes, as soon as they are golden brown, Crostini di Salsiccia Toscana are ready. Serve hot. They are excellent both accompanied with a white wine such as Riccio Cantina del Redi or a full-bodied red wine such as Orbaio Cantina del Redi