Stangozzi with Asparagus

Starngozzi with Asparagus are part of those ancient recipes of the wonderful poor cuisine of our Umbria. Probably born to be able to use, by our farmers, the wild asparagus, still collected by us in the period from April to May, which give the dish a more decisive taste, but which risks not being liked by everyone. Strangozzi are a format of Italian pasta of Umbrian origin, made with soft wheat flour, eggs and water

Stangozzi with Asparagus Specialties from Umbria

The recipe for Strangozzi with Asparagus is a great classic of Umbrian cuisine, simple and quick, it only needs quality ingredients and a few small precautions such as the correct cleaning and cooking of the Asparagus which can be grown wild. Originally only wild asparagus was used, so it could only be prepared in a limited period of the year such as spring, today it is a very tasty recipe that can be prepared all year round, a real pleasure for the taste buds

Ingredients for Strangozzi with Asparagus

For 4 People

500g Strangozzi Bolognami

1 white onion (preferably from Cannara)

500gr of Cultivated or Wild Asparagus

200g of Barbozzo Riserva Norcia Bolognami (Guanciale)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ninfa D.O.P. Umbria Colli del Trasimeno Bologna me

Roccaccio Aged Pecorino The Norcia Dairy

Fior di Sale from Trapani Bolognami

Black Kampot Pepper Bolognami

How to prepare Strangozzi with Asparagus

To prepare the Asparagus Strangozzi we start by cleaning the asparagus, cut the white part of the stem, however the harder one, clean them with a potato peeler and slice them leaving the tips intact. Cook in steam or in boiling water for about 8-10 minutes, being careful that they remain intact. We pour the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ninfa D.O.P. Umbria Colli del Trasimeno Bolognami in a pan and add the finely chopped onion, fry for 2 minutes, add the (Guanciale) Barbozzo Riserva Norcia Bolognami cut into strips, brown over medium heat for a few minutes, add the cooked asparagus to the pan, salt, pepper and let everything brown for a few minutes with the lid ajar. Boil the Stangozzi in plenty of salted water, drain and add to the pan, if necessary add a ladle of the pasta cooking water. Sauté the Stangozzi in the pan for a few moments and finally add the Pecorino Stagionato Roccaccio Il Caseifico di Norcia, plate, add a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ninfa D.O.P. Umbria Colli del Trasimeno Bolognami and a grind of Kampot Black Pepper Bolognami at the moment. What a wonderful taste