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Chianti Organic Vecchia Cantina 2021

New Bio -4 %
Chianti Organic Vecchia Cantina 2021
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Chianti Organic Vecchia Cantina 6-bottle box, is produced with predominantly Sangiovese grapes, the vineyards are at approx. 250/450 m a.s.l. with guyot and spurred cordon training system with a planting density of 2500/3500 plants per hectare. Here we can find a medium-hilly terrain with predominantly medium-textured soils.

Once the grapes arrive at the winery, they are destemmed, softly pressed and sent to fermentation at a controlled temperature of no more than 26°C in stainless steel tanks.

Maturation takes place in stainless steel tanks for about 10/12 months before bottling.

Awards and Recognition
Year 2015 - Gambero Rosso - 1 Bicchieri

Product Info Sheet
Alcohol Content 13.5% Vol
Denomination Chianti DOCG
Format 0.75 Lt
Grape Variety Predominantly Sangiovese with Bio certificate
Region Tuscany
Service Temperature 16 - 18°C
Tasting Notes In the glass it has a ruby red colour with delicate violet hues. The nose is immediate and frank, with marked notes of red berries. In the mouth it has a good impact, reveals considerable body and excellent balance between its aromas. There is a pleasant tannic note in the finish.
Pairing Excellent to accompany an entire meal, first courses that tend to be savoury, traditional Tuscan cold cuts, and roast red and white meats.

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